Samsung's Chromebook Pro Earns Respect

Some early reviewers of the Samsung Chromebook Pro characterized it as a "MacBook killer," but others were more restrained in their enthusiasm. Jointly developed with Google and first demoed at CES 2017, the Chromebook Pro is slated for release next month.

Samsung's Chromebooks basically are lightweight productivity tools that rely heavily on access to cloud-based resources. They have gained popularity in the enterprise for use with remote workers and in educational settings as entry-level computing tools.

Could IBM's Watson Fix President Trump?

President Trump offers a good emulation for a future artificial intelligence system, suggests a column I read earlier this month, and his presidency may be an early warning of what could happen if we should fail to think through its training and information sources.

Cathy O'Neil, the author of the piece, is a data scientist, mathematician and professor, so she has decent chops. She compares artificial intelligence to human intelligence that is mostly id -- basically because we don't yet know how to instill it with empathy, or create the digital equivalent of a conscience.

Microsoft Makes VR Drone Fight Simulator Available on GitHub

Microsoft has introduced an open source virtual reality toolkit for the training of autonomous drones. Part of Microsoft's Aerial Informatics and Robotics Platform, the beta software became available on GitHub last week.

The toolkit is designed to allow developers to "teach" drones how to navigate the real world by recreating conditions such as shadows, reflections and even objects that might confuse a device's on-board sensors.

Open Source IoT on Steady Enterprise March

Enterprise IT decision makers have been exploring the potential of Internet of Things technologies, but they are not rushing IoT projects into development and are showing caution in their adoption commitments, according to survey results Red Hat released Wednesday.

Of the 215 participants in the company's survey, "Enterprise IoT in 2017: Steady as she goes," 55 percent indicated that IoT was important to their organization. However, only a quarter of those organizations actually were writing project code and deploying IoT technologies.

What a Linux Desktop Does Better

After I resolved to adopt Linux, my confidence grew slowly but surely. Security-oriented considerations were compelling enough to convince me to switch, but I soon discovered many more advantages to the Linux desktop.

For those still unsure about making the transition, or those who have done so but may not know everything their system can do, I'll showcase here some of the Linux desktop's advantages.

You Can't Beat Free!

The 'Farsighted' view of Trappist-1 and its Earth-like planets

Looking for life elsewhere, this system is probably our best bet as of today," said Brice-Olivier Demory, professor at the University of Bern's Center for Space and Habitability and one of the authors of a paper on the discovery published Wednesday in the journal Nature.

The team first put Trappist-1 on the map last year with the announcement it hosted at least three planets, the first exoplanets to be spotted around an ultracool dwarf star, representing a whole new promising avenue in the search for life beyond the grasp of our own sun.

FCC Chairman Pai moves to block internet privacy rules

New Federal Communications Commission's Chairman Ajit Pai is hitting the pause button on internet privacy regulations put in place during the Obama administration, which wireless and broadband companies have complained are unfair.

The rules, approved by the FCC in October, were supposed to protect consumers' sensitive personal information online. They have been controversial because they establish stricter requirements for broadband and wireless companies than they do for other internet companies, such as Google or Facebook, which also collect user information.

Uber, Fitbit, OkCupid info exposed by 'CloudBleed' flaw

You wouldn't mind if someone could break into the personal accounts you use to track your movements, your fitness and your love life, would you?

While there's no indication that hackers actually accessed usernames and passwords, or a wealth of other private data that people sent over the services, the information was exposed both on corrupted versions of the websites and in cached results on search services like Google and Bing.

Google takes on Apple iMessage with enhanced SMS for Android

On Friday, the company said 27 more wireless operators and device makers around the world will soon roll out support for Rich Communications Services, or RCS, a standard that adds enhanced features to SMS texting, like high resolution photo sharing, read receipts and group chat options. Mobile carriers, including Orange, Deutsche Telekom and Globe, will join Sprint, Rogers and Telenor, in preloading Android with the newly named Android Messages as the standard messaging app on phones their subscribers use.